Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Listen To Drake, Read The Girl On The Train & Watch “Togetherness”


  • The Unfortunate Importance Of Beauty releases on Monday, so if you have the holiday off, pick up a copy. Written by Amanda Filipacchi, whose recent New Yorker essay about beauty struck a chord with readers, the book explores the sad significance of our physical appearance and how that can impact our lives. – Claire
  • I picked up a copy of Escultura Social: A New Generation of Art from Mexico City during the MCA Chicago’s clearance sale, so I will probably get around to reading some of it this weekend.  — Rebecca
  • It’s take-your-breath-away cold on the east coast right now, so I propose this: Read Jenna Wortham on the Norwegian concept of koselig, then get a copy of Michael Booth’s The Almost Nearly Perfect People: Behind The Myth of the Scandinavian Utopia for some insight into the way our friends in the north handle this, and so many other things. —Megan
  • I just finished The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins and lovvvvvvvved everything about it. I listened on tape because of the whole “weaving keeps my eyes and hands too busy to actually read” thing, but you could certain enjoy it the old fashion page-turning way. A psychological thriller in the same vein as Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train is a mystery told through the perspectives of three complex women — Rachel, Megan and Anna. It’s about what we imagine other people’s lives to be and how often different that is from reality. – Amelia


  • Father John Misty’s new record, I Love You, Honey Bear, is giving me such LIFE right now, and is the perfect music choice for this Valentine’s Day weekend. – Amelia
  • Well, Drake Beyoncéd us, and blessed our long weekend with a new mixtape. Don’t be a chump and buy it on iTunes like I did, because it’s on Spotify now. Go forth. — Megan
  • If you want to have a sadder, more introspective weekend, however, try Karen O.’s Live From Crush Palace. It’s a bunch of sad, sweet acoustic numbers, recorded live from a show she did in Brooklyn this summer. It’s wonderful. — Megan


  • Have you been watching “Togetherness” on HBO? It airs right after “GIRLS” and is written by Mark and Jay Duplass. It’s very LA, but I love LA so I dig it. The show is about two couples living under the same roof, and is sharp and funny and realistic in ways both reassuring and sad. Dig it. – Amelia


  • If people happen to be in New York, I suggest going to Chris Uphues’ gallery opening party at Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn. Uphues’ motif is hearts with cartoony faces, so it’d be a very creative, chill, and fun Valentine’s date, if I do say so myself. — Rebecca
  • The Funland installation at NYC’s Museum of Sex opened last summer, and while I still haven’t been, I totally intend to pay a visit before it closes in the spring. You can jump in a moonbounce full of faux boobs! And scale a “wall of orifices”! Fun for the whole family, basically. If you’re in the New York area, you should probably center your Valentine’s Day activities around this nonsense, amirite? I don’t want to trek that far from my apartment on a weekend but you should definitely be less lazy than me and make an awkward date out of it. – Claire
  • I have a CostCo-sized bin of dates to use for something, so I will probably start by making this beef stew with dried fruit. – Rebecca