Waffle House Offering Romantic Candlelit Valentine’s Day Dinners

Call me crazy, but this seems like the actual best Valentine’s Day idea ever. Apparently, you can celebrate the most romantic day of the year at Waffle House, where your special dinner will include “white tablecloths, candle light, and a lemon-lime bubbly in a champagne glass.”

PRETTY SURE the lemon-lime “bubbly” is actually Sprite. Please, let it be Sprite. Also, remind me to call Sprite “lemon-lime bubbly” forever now.

They’ve apparently been doing this for years now, and it’s been pretty successful. This year, Waffle House is also asking customers to share photos on social media with the hashtag #Waffles4Lovers. Which, obviously, they are. Yay waffles!

As I am currently single, I will absolutely be spending part of my day on Saturday digging into this hashtag and being jealous of people eating waffles. Tragically, the only Waffle Houses near Chicago are out in the burbs and I have yet to convince anyone with a car to go out there with me to participate.

All of my future gentleman callers should obviously take note, because I sure do like breakfast and calling Sprite by fancy names. If you really love me, you’ll take me to Waffle House! [AJC]