This Lady Is Repeatedly Fracturing Her Legs In Hopes Of Being Tall Enough To Model

I watch a lot of horror movies, and consider myself pretty much immune to being really scared or like, viscerally horrified. The one exception to this rule is the scene in “Misery” where Kathy Bates hobbles James Caan after he tries to escape. It is the actual worst thing. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever sat through it with my eyes open. Given the option, I might actually choose death over having my legs smashed like that.

However, this one Russian lady is having her legs repeatedly fractured. Surgically. On purpose. Why? Because she’s 5’4″ and when she was 17 she wanted to become a model, and was told that she wasn’t tall enough.

Now, Alexandra Transer is 30 years old and is undergoing incredibly painful sounding treatments in order to reach her dream of being six feet tall. So far, she has gained 2.3 inches. Doctors say that she will actually be this tall by the time she is 33, which is way too old to become a runway model anyway. Which, she’s actually OK with, as she is now merely working towards the Barbizon goal of “just looking like one.”

The procedure she is undergoing is called the Ilizarov apparatus method, and basically it involves breaking her legs and putting a metal ring apparatus thing around each one. The bones and skin and everything heal and sort of “grow” and thus her legs get a little longer each time she does it.

YEESH. I wonder if she’s considered that like, in addition to the pain, it is going to be very difficult to buy pants once she reaches her desired height? I mean, I have a 36 inch inseam, and it is not easy.

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