It’s Time To Cry: Dog Escapes From Home To Comfort Owner In The Hospital

Nancy Franck of Cedar Rapdis, Iowa, has spent the last few weeks in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery, with her miniature schnauzer Sissy left in the care of Franck’s husband, Dale. This Sunday, Sissy apparently decided she’d had enough of that, and escaped her backyard to find Nancy. In a scene straight out of “Homeward Bound,” Sissy ran the 15-20 blocks to Nancy’s hospital, and bolted through the hospital’s automatic doors. With her nose to the ground, she made her way through the hospital until a security guard spotted her and called the number on her tag. Dale had been searching for Sissy for hours by the time he received news that she was safe. Sissy wasn’t allowed to spend much time in the hospital, but the staff allowed her to have a short visit with Nancy. Though she’d seen the nearby building where Nancy works, Sissy had never been to the hospital before, so her humans have no idea how she managed to find it. I’m going to be corny and assume it was some kind of loyal doggie sixth sense that got her there. [HuffPost]