Here, Have Some Valentine’s Schadenfreude

If you’re not a person who loves Valentine’s Day, I have a present for yooooooou! Fail Army has compiled couple-related fails just in time for you to laugh your ass off at coupled people this Valentine’s Day. My favorite clip is the kids with the flowers. I know that feeling well. You’ll see.

This compilation has a few really good takeaways, like that we could probably add blindfolds to the list of things that are supposed to be romantic but really are an accident waiting to happen, or that you shouldn’t assume you can beat your trained wrestler girlfriend simply by merit of being a man, or that dune buggy preparedness is key; or that you should never, ever, ever, ever, ever try to lift someone over your head unless you’re both trained dancers. It ends the same way every single time.

I still think all of you Valentine’s Scrooges should reconsider your feelings about the one day a year when you can really indulge yourself and the people you care about. But if you insist on hating Valentine’s Day, at least do it laughing, right?


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