These “Send Me Your Sexts” Videos Make Me Viscerally Uncomfortable, And That’s Kind Of The Point

Looking for a particularly awkward Valentine’s Day gift? Filmmaker Eileen Yaghoobian will turn your real-life sext exchanges into short films for $80. At, you can upload screenshots of your steamiest (or silliest) sexts with a payment and receive a 1-6 minute film a few weeks later. She’ll come up with the cast and storyline herself. The site reads:

Ever wanted to be a screenwriter? You already are… but only if you’re brave enough to send me your sexts. It can be anonymous, but it still takes some moxie.

I’m not too easily embarrassed when it comes to sext-y language, and yet something about hearing them read aloud in a film that’s mildly reminiscent of B-level porn makes the ridiculousness of it all painful. Yaghoobian’s scripts leave typos and corrections intact, and I can’t watch the films without feeling awkward and squirmy. Uncomfortable as they make me, I can’t not watch them either – it’s like watching a trainwreck play out in front of your eyes. To see your own digital romp onscreen, submit your screenshots here! – Sara & Dean, March 2014 from Send Me Your Sexts on Vimeo.