The Hot Dudes Reading Instagram Makes It Clear I Need To Pay More Attention On Public Transpo

Here are a handful of thoughts that went through my head as I was scrolling through the new Hot Dudes Reading Instagram account last night:

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, where have I been? These dudes are actually hot. Normal hot, but hot. I expected this to be just a bunch of photos of dudes reading, and that the hot part was just to grab people’s attention. Like, sometimes, if we were lucky, the hot dude reading would actually be hot, but more than likely would be just okay but hey, Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer looks super interesting.

No, but seriously, am I riding the subway at the wrong time? Maybe I should get up earlier. Do these guys ride the C? Maybe I should walk to Atlantic Center and try the N train sometime.

Am I really so involved in my game of Candy Crush that I am oblivious to the cacophony of smoking hot dudes reading books — good books, too! — while I’m commuting to and from work every day? Are these guys real people or models? Wait, how do we know this isn’t some low-profile marketing campaign for some trendy jeans designer or, like, a high-end male grooming brand? Look at this Clark Kent look-a-like’s perfect hair!

But if it is legit, can the person behind the account do us single and apparently BLIND ladies a solid and ask these dudes if they are single, and if so, inquire as to whether they are on OKCupid, and if so, provide their username? It’s a good thing I’m going to the eye doctor tomorrow, maybe I really do need a new prescription. Because I never see guys this normal hot when I’m on the train. Ever.