Jessica Williams Gets My Vote For Next Daily Show Host

The sequel to [one of my guilty pleasure comedies] “Hot Tub Time Machine” called it, Newsweek is demanding it, and frankly, it’s just common sense: Jessica Williams should host “The Daily Show” when Jon Stewart leaves. I mean, hell, watch how natural she looks in the “Hot Tub Time Machine 2″ clip above, and then watch “The Daily Show”’s own clip round-up:

Would you not be totally psyched? Williams has the self-awareness and keen sense of irony that, oh, say, a young Jon Stewart had during his stand-up career pre-Daily Show, and that’s what’s made her such a popular and vital part of The Best [email protected] News Team Ever. Some people are saying Williams, at 25, is too young, but I don’t know – her work speaks for itself. She’s definitely the funniest correspondent they have, and viewers eagerly anticipate her segments. Why not give the audience what it wants?

My vote: It’d be amazing to see Williams join the ranks of women like Soledad O’Brien, Tamron Hall, Robin Roberts, and Jacque Reid — but in such a huge venue, and one that has been so important to Americans in her own age group. What do you think?

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