Truck Driver Fired For Listing Jesus As His Co-Driver

Jesus, take the wheel!

Ramiro Olivarez, a truck driver from Rio Grande Valley is claiming he was fired for his religious beliefs, which he felt were best expressed by listing “Jesus” as his co-driver on his log sheets. Which is a thing truckers are not allowed to do–not because anyone doesn’t want them to be religious–but because falsifying documents in this way is a violation of both federal and state laws.

I mean, sure, you can assure yourself all day long that Jesus is your co-pilot and no one is going to bother you, but I’m not really sure why it’s super necessary to put it on official documents that have literally nothing to do with Jesus. Then again, I’m a heathen. What do I know?

The fired driver is now encouraging other drivers to follow his lead and write down Jesus as their co-driver–despite the fact that this could not only lead to getting fired, but also to both the driver and the company that employs them having to pay hefty fines. Perhaps a better solution, if this issue is of such import to him or them or whomever, would be to just fill out two log sheets–one for the company, and one for their personal enjoyment.

Olivarez also states that he was never told to not put Jesus as his co-driver, and says that if he had, he perhaps would have just drawn a cross or left it blank instead.