Taylor Swift And Kanye West Are Working On A Song Together, Because Taylor Is Full Of Bad Ideas

America’s very own “Orphan Black,” the clone formerly known as Ryan Seacrest, today announced some very big news on one of his various hosting endeavors:

Oh my god, Taylor Swift, be cool girl. Be cool. Kanye literally just rushed the stage at another music awards show less than a week ago, in case you forgot that he once did that to you and the whole world rallied around you because you were only 19 and that is why you are now a star not because of the catchy pop “country,” rampant cultural misappropriation, and willingness to participate in memes. It’s really, really nice of you that you ultimately gave Ye a pass, and you guys sang that weird forgiveness song together a year later at the VMAs, and yes I agree, he is a musical genius, the likes of which we may not see again for decades, but GIRL. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO A SONG WITH HIM. You can be the bigger person without having to go out of your way to prove just how cool you two are. I know, I get it, you guys are totally fine, everything is fine, it’s all fine, did I see the photo of you two hugging at the Grammys this past weekend yeah see no totally cool and fine.

It’s okay to hate people.

[h/t: Christina Warren]