Sob! Jon Stewart Is Leaving “The Daily Show”

  • Jon Stewart has broken all our hearts by announcing he will be leaving “The Daily Show” later this year, while Comedy Central hinted that the show would continue without him. But but but but but Jon NOOOOOOOO. [AV Club]
  • NBC has suspended Brian Williams without pay for six months, following his admission that he “misremembered” aka lied about being in a helicopter that was shot down in Iraq. [NY Times]
  • Christina Aguilera has named her daughter Summer Rain, and my first thought is that she named her after Joaquin Phoenix’s two sisters. I dunno, I’m weird. [People]
  • Everyone was speculating as to why Uma Thurman looked so different at a recent event, with many suggesting she had some sort of work done on her face, but it turns out, she just wasn’t wearing mascara. [People]
  • Apparently, police are treating the Bobbi Kristina Brown case — she was found face down and unresponsive last weekend — as a criminal investigation. [Us Weekly]
  • Pink is the latest celeb to pose nekkid for PETA. [Us Weekly]
  • Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted swapping spit with someone other than rumored hookup Rihanna, just a few tables away from where rumored hookup Rihanna was sitting. So, guess they’re over? Or Rihanna sent Leo in to nab a threesome partner? [Radar]
  • Taylor Swift is suing the guy who alleges he taught her how to play guitar. [Billboard]
  • There will be lady bush in “Fifty Shades Of Grey.” [Cosmopolitan]