Dudes Are Losing Their Shit Over An ESPN Writer Tweeting About A Skincare Line

Anyone who has played fantasy football — from the novices to the paralyzed with indecision until kickoff — knows Matthew Berry. The Talented Mr. Roto founder who migrated over to ESPN to become their Senior Fantasy Sports Analyst has built a brand out of being the guy you go to when your friends are tired of you asking them every single week who you should slot in at your flex position. His Twitter feed is a must read, especially on Sunday mornings before kickoff.

But Berry is also a man — a man who likes to tweet about things that interest him outside of the hypothetical athletics sphere, and that he thinks might interest his followers. In the last week alone, those non-sports things included: support for Lindy West’s fantastic Guardian piece on gendered Twitter abuse, Tom Jones, and Jimmy Buffet concerts. Oh, and his sister in law’s Los Angeles skincare company. Which is precisely when his male fans absolutely lost their shit.

Depressingly unsurprisingly, many of his male followers did not care for it.


Nothing like skincare to really light a fire under people in the wintry off season, and scare men so badly they feel compelled beyond belief to tweet their outrage. God forbid, the soothing face gel, you know? I reached out to all the naysayers to find out why they found the tweet so questionable, hoping that at the very least it was because being advertised to is very uncool in this day and age of #brands, but alas, nope, just the women stuff.

As a person who has gone undefeated in more than one fantasy football league, who also appreciates a good moisturizer and watching men lose their shit at another man doing something remotely unmasculine, I found this tweet relevant to all my interests.