Women In Sexy Cop Costumes Break Almost 30 Inmates Out Of Prison

When three women wearing sexy cop costumes arrived at a Nova Mutum, Brazil, prison around 3 a.m. Thursday asking to come inside to “chat and drink,” the guards strangely did not find it suspicious. After reportedly convincing the guards to have an orgy, they knocked them out with drugged whiskey and proceeded to release almost 30 inmates from the facility. The women handcuffed the passed-out guards, took their keys to unlock the prisoners’ cells, and let them walk right out the prison’s front door.

One of the suspects is reportedly the girlfriend of one of the inmates — 18-year-old Bruno Amorim, who’s been convicted of attempted murder. Authorities believe the whole plan was his idea. The guards have no memory of what happened after drinking the whiskey, but they were found by officials passed out in various rooms, some halfway undressed, with the ladies’ hot cop uniforms strewn nearby. Five of their guns were taken by the now-escaped prisoners. The guards and the prison director have been arrested and are facing charges. To make things even more ridiculous, a photo of one of the naked wardens from that night was leaked online, presumably by the cops who found him, and is making rounds on social media. At least 11 of the escapees were captured over the weekend, but the rest remain free. I’m going to have to assume a porn re-enactment of this evening is being filmed somewhere as we speak.


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[Image via Reporter MT]