The New “Pitch Perfect 2″ Trailer Has Brought Me Joy Even Though I Am Currently Dead Inside

We’re still a little over three months away from seeing our beloved dysfunctional Barden Bellas back on the big screen, but Universal just dropped a two-minute trailer for “Pitch Perfect 2″ and despite the fact that I hate basically everything today, including myself, other humans, and the tediousness that is breathing on a regular basis so as to maintain life, I cannot not enjoy the fuck out of this.

It has everything you love: Beyoncé (naturally), Fat Amy showing the President her vagina (not outside of the realm of possibility, given that basically anyone can interview Obama now), kicky harmonies presented alongside stunning choreography, blessedly few men, and John Michael Higgins making delightful misogynistic jokes that are actually funny (“What an inspiration to girls all over the world who are too ugly to be cheerleaders” TRUE). Though I am dead inside, damn if I didn’t find a few postmortem spasms of feeling for this. [YouTube]