Loveflutter’s #AntiSelfieDay Is A Shallow, Cynical Branding Campaign

Apparently the people who run the dating app Loveflutter are gluttons for punishment[/members], because they tweeted their new social media campaign at me. I’m sure I’m on their list of people to tweet social media campaigns at because of this post I did about their brown bag speed-dating events (I laughed out loud reading it over; on a scale of 1-100, how vain does that make me?), but it’s not like that post is exactly a glowing review of brown bag speed-dating. Anyway, all right, Loveflutter, I’ll bite, because this new initiative is even less authentic than the brown-bagging.

Loveflutter, to review, is the dating app where instead of displaying a photo, your profile displays a 140-character “quirky” statement about you, because their ostensible agenda is to put “personality first.” Except, of course, for the fact that no one’s personality can be accurately summed up in what Madeleine Davies called a “140-character, carefully-crafted statement.” And again, call me a skeptic, but this is not an authentic, earnest attempt at getting people to judge each other by their personalities. It’s just a way of branding a dating app that, at heart, is just like every other dating app. It doesn’t take much for you to get to the picture; all that “quirky” statement does for the user is encourage him/her/ou/whatever to believe that they are a quirky person who judges people not by their looks but by their character. It’s nice ego-caressing that’s meant to create loyalty to the Loveflutter brand, in other words. OR MAYBE IT’S GENUINE. WHO KNOWS.

Anyway, their new schtick (because Loveflutter is a schtick machine) is to brand Valentine’s Day as #AntiSelfieDay (uuuugggghhhhhh). Why? Because SELFIES ARE RUINING US, as this incredibly deep and thoughtful and philosophical info page about what they’re manufacturing as the “Anti-selfie movement” will tell you. Here’s a sampling of the evidence that Loveflutter provides to convince you that there are “worrying trends” regarding selfie-taking:

  • Statistics stating that the most-saturated city in the world for selfie-taking has 258 selfie-takers per 100,000 residents, or, in other words, a whopping 0.2 percent of the population are habitual selfie-takers. STOP THE PRESSES, 0.2 PERCENT OF MAKATI CITY ARE SELFIE-TAKERS.
  • Thinkpieces from such profound and guiding sources as the Huffington Post and TIME, who, as we all know, never, ever do it for the clicks.
  • Info on how many selfies Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian post on their branded Instagram accounts, because those totally aren’t marketing accounts that are meant to portray celebrities as having a desirable lifestyle in which they partake.

Here’s the best part: The whole page is clickable, but does it click you through to sources? Nope, it clicks you through to the Loveflutter registration page. COME ON, GUYS, DON’T BE THIS BALD-FACED.

OK, so what does the whole #AntiSelfieDay entail? Here’s what’s super-funny. Loveflutter tells you to not take a selfie … kind of. Instead, they want you to make a paper bag with one of their templates (BRANDING), take a picture of it (BRANDING), tag it with #AntiSelfieDay (BRANDING), and post it on — their suggestion! — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tinder (BRANDING). Oh, and you can buy branded “anti-selfie” merchandise! (BRANDING!) So it’s not that you’re not taking a selfie, it’s that you’re taking the kind of selfie that will benefit Loveflutter’s branding and basically doing free marketing for them.

Dude, fuck you, Loveflutter. Here’s my impression of the pitch for #AntiSelfieDay: “Guys, so, we’re going to take a bunch of disparate, negative-sounding articles and statistics about selfies, stick them together without contextualizing them or explaining how they’re related, and call it a reason to be ‘worried’ about selfies. We’ll be able to make it seem like we have a philosophical angle on selfies, but really, it’s just going to be a way for us to play into our ‘hide-your-face’ brand. We’ll make a hashtag for it and reap those sweet, sweet clicks. Sound good?”

God, how cynical do you have to be to manufacture a feel-good message that means nothing over a non-issue so that you can harness the earnestness and good intentions of wide-eyed, socially-concerned but obviously slightly gullible social media users for profit? Tinder sounds like a hellscape to me, but if I were single, I’d rather be on Tinder with people who are genuinely awful than on Loveflutter with an admin team that’s full of willing poseurs looking to take advantage of the activist impulses of the internet.

So there’s your press, Loveflutter. Hope you like it. You’re not a movement, you’re a fucking dating app.



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