Sarah Palin Repeats Debunked Story To Prove Christians Are Persecuted

Several weeks ago, a story went viral about a boy who was banned from reading the Bible in school. Within a week, it was debunked — and not by mean, fun-of-persecution-ruining atheists like myself, but by both Glenn Beck’s The Blaze and the Christian Post — two outlets which definitely believe, whole-heartedly, in the whole idea that Christians are being persecuted here in America.

Well, not so much in the way that they are being cooked to death in brazen bulls or bludgeoned on Catherine Wheels or thrown to lions, but more in the way that there are people in this country who do not practice the Christian religion and do not wish to have their tax money go to towards the promotion of that religion or to be governed by its laws.

Long story short, some parents went and told some news outlets that a cruel atheist teacher banned their son from reading a Bible in school during a free period. This turned out to not have actually happened, and no one was ever able to find out who this evil, Jesus-hating teacher even was. Not one teacher in the school matched the boy’s description. So unless the kid is a legitimate saint and having visions like St. Clare, he’s probably not a legitimate martyr either.

Alas, the fact that this story isn’t actually true did not sway Sarah Palin from using it to promote her book, Good Tidings and Great Joy, on her internet TV station, and explaining that this incident is a perfect example of the way Christians are being persecuted in these here United States. Which, after a fashion, is actually quite true. Neither of those things are real!

Palin goes on to explain that the real meaning of “separation of church and state” is “angry atheists” annoying nice Christians with lawsuits. Which they win because the courts want to “err on the side of caution” or something, because they’re afraid of us and they don’t understand the concept of the separation of church and state either. Not like Sarah Palin does, anyway. Again, it’s hard to understand what she’s getting at here, because it is really a bunch of word salad.