Oh Hey, The “Straight Outta Compton” Trailer Is Here — And It Looks Pretty Great

I would like to hereby apologize for wrongly assuming that “Straight Outta Compton,” the sorta-biopic about late-’80s/early-90s rap group N.W.A., would be a bad movie better suited for Lifetime. By the looks of this new Red Band trailer, the film looks less in the vein of that ill-advised TLC TV movie and more along the lines of the Eminem-led blockbuster, “8 Mile.” I loved “8 Mile,” but shit, this story is actually true and totally prescient given everything that has happened in the last year or two and our renewed focus on police brutality, especially against people of color. As Dr. Dre says in the introduction to the trailer above, “What a lot of people don’t know about N.W.A, it’s nonviolent protest. The same thing we was going through in the ’80s with the police, people going through right now. It’s a good time for us to tell our story.”