Kanye Says Beck Should “Respect Artistry” And Give His Grammy To Beyonce

  • Kanye West was not kidding when he almost stole the mic from Beck at last night’s Grammy Awards, in a repeat of his stage-hogging stunt played on Taylor Swift a few years ago. “I just know that the Grammys, if they want real artists, to keep coming back, they need to stop playing with us. We ain’t gonna play with them no more,” West told E! after the show. “And Beck needs to respect artistry and he should’ve given his award to Beyonce.” O RLY? [Billboard]
  • But Beck has so much respect for Kanye West that he ain’t even mad! Beck said Kanye is a “genius” who more than deserved to be up on that stage too, and that he agrees with Ye that Beyonce should have won the Album of the Year award. Just probably not so much that he’s actually going to give it to her. [Us Weekly]
  • Kim also expressed surprise that Beck won the award over Beyonce, but seriously, can I please take a moment to remind everyone that Beck has been making music for decades and is actually incredibly talented? I don’t like caping for a Scientologist, trust, but Mellow Gold is a fucking fantastic record. I still think Bey should have won, but let’s not act like Beck is some b. nobody. [Us Weekly]
  • Over the weekend, Bruce Jenner was involved in a devastating car crash that killed a 70-year-old man. Jenner walked away from the accident unscathed, and police say reports that the accident was caused by paparazzi tailing the Olympian are false. [People]
  • Brian Williams has canceled an upcoming appearance with David Letterman, probably because of his whole “lying about being shot down in a helicopter” debacle. [Gawker]
  • Zhang Ziyi is engaged — and her ring was delivered via drone. [People]
  • Bad news: edible anus chocolates are all sold out, so I guess you’ll have to think of something else to give your sweetie this V-Day. [Death and Taxes]
  • Amanda Bynes apparently owes her various lawyers $16,000. [E! Online]
  • Ugh. The two sequels to Fifty Shades of Grey have already been given the go-ahead for film adaptations. I’m fine with the second one being made into a movie, but the third book IS BEYOND BORING. There is not even any really good sex in it. WHAT IS THE POINT? [Flavorwire]