Now You, Too, Can Dance Poorly In A Shark Suit

Did you watch the Super Bowl halftime show and think to yourself, “Wow, Left Shark is living the bad-dancing-in-a-shark-suit dream”? Well, now you can live the dream too! Environmental activist David Lam has started an IndieGoGo campaign to manufacture replicas of the Katy Perry halftime show shark costume.

The original goal was set at $6000, but as of 9:45 AM, the project has raised $32,505. Which means, good lord, you people want shark costumes really badly. I can already see what the internet comedy landscape is going to look like for the rest of the year.

Right now there’s still a pre-order option at $89, but once the pre-orders are claimed, the price will go up to retail at $99. Super great news about it, though: It’s going to be sourced ethically, and all of the profits are going to go to the World Wildlife Fund or the Wildlife Conservation Society, so your ridiculous shark-dancing-dreams purchase will be guilt-free!


[h/t Mental Floss]

[Image via Getty]

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