Frisky Eats: 14 Delish Homemade Cracker Recipes To Aid Your Mid-Winter Snacking And Soup Consumption

PUT DOWN THE SALTINES, FRIEND. We both know you’ve been snacking on crackers for the last few weeks for one of three reasons:

  1. You’re sick and you can only eat crackers without wanting to vom.

  2. You’re sick and you’re trying to make your soup more tolerable.

  3. It’s snowy as fuck outside and all you have left in your pantry is crackers.

I feel you, man — Chicago has a nice two-foot layer of snow on the ground right now and it will not stop. By the same token, I will not go to the grocery store, but also, I will not eat boring food. So what’s a snowbound picky eater to do for sick-snacking and soup accoutrements? Make your own crackers, of course!

With these recipes, you’ll have crackers that are nutritious enough to constitute a meal when combined with those last few bits of hummus and/or cheese you’ve got in your fridge, and delicious enough to level up your canned soup game. Click through for all your homemade cracker goodness!

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