9 Spring Totes For Just About Everybody

It’s cold out. The rodent in Pennsylvania saw his shadow. We must dig in our heels and hunker down in preparation for spring’s eventual arrival. There are ways of coping with this. Pack a bag and panic-purchase a ticket to somewhere balmy, throwing all your floaty things into a bag and jetting off to a place redolent of sunscreen and the sea breeze. Or, do like the rest of us: hole up in front of your computer and start optimistically filling online shopping carts with pastel blouses, lace crop tops and gleefully-tattered boyfriend jeans. My spring-time obsession? The perfect spring tote, something that is big enough to carry the small dog I don’t own, but neat enough to look like I’m successful and competent at everything I do. Perhaps you also yearn for something that will convey a ‘tude. Or, you just want something to schlep your shit from point A to point B. Whatever. I combed the annals of the internet so you don’t have to. Here’s what I found on my journey.