14 Things We Think Sarah Koenig Should Investigate In Season 2 Of “Serial”

“Serial,” Sarah Koenig’s oft-criticized, widely-loved, hotly-debated podcast, came to its inevitable, frustrating conclusion in December. There is a second season on its way, but, according to Buzzfeed, Koenig doesn’t have a story idea for the second season of her hit — and she’s accepting suggestions. There are some avid “Serial” fans here at The Frisky, and we are full of questions. Sarah, these are the things we want to understand. DON’T LET US DOWN.

1. The biggest Hollywood tall tales, and whether or not they are true. Like, Is Jamie Curtis intersex? Did Richard Gere put a gopher up his ass? Does Stevie Nicks have a special roadie whose job it was to blow coke up her ass with a straw?

2. Which celebrity sex tapes were leaked intentionally?

3. A deep-dive into astrology, with a special episode dedicated to whether Susan Miller is actually sick or just has Munchausen syndrome.

4. What’s the deal with airplane food lol.

5. Where do missing socks go, can they find their way home?

6. The Illuminati. All of it. Who’s in charge now and when does Blue Ivy ascend to her rightful place on the throne. Was Kanye’s infamous “Imma let you finish” interruption really Taylor Swift’s induction into the Illuminati? etc.

7. The undisputed proof that exists somewhere that the CIA killed Kennedy.

8. What was Kanye saying this picture?!??!?!?!


9. Who shot Biggie? Who shot Tupac?

10. Who is the evil monster responsible for the subway condoms?

11. Why is fountain soda infinitely better than regular soda out of a can, but especially Coke Zero?

12. How many people have actually read the entirety of Infinite Jestand how many people are just lying about it on bad first dates?

13. Where do all the lost bobby pins go?

14. Who is the real Dater X?