Victoria Jackson Claims Obama Is A Secret Muslim In Bizarre New Music Video

We’re gonna test your endurance today. How long can you sit through Victoria Jackson’s six-minute video about how President Obama is a Secret Muslin before you simply can’t take it anymore? I made it to 2:25 before I had to pause it in order to Google “What is wrong with Victoria Jackson’s eyes?”

Then, because I am of course an intrepid journalist, I watched the whole thing. It was torturous.

The video, titled “There’s A Muslim Living In The White House!” is — naturally — a sequel to her previous hit, “There’s A Communist Living In The White House!.” It features Jackson, a 55-year-old adult woman, strumming a ukulele and screeching in a baby voice about how Obama is a Secret Muslim out to destroy the United States, interspersed with her “evidence” proving this theory.

Victoria Jackson is almost too ridiculous to hate. There is a part of me that feels so badly for Jackson and her cohorts. I don’t like seeing anyone this visibly distressed, even if it’s just over weird things they made up in their own minds. It’s disconcerting! I honestly kind of want them to have their own uber-patriotic Christian country where they can roam free and and be happy and have everything exactly the way they want it. Just not, you know, one that I have to live in. [Christian Nightmares]