Rep. Aaron Schock’s Communications Director Resigns In Wake Of Racist Comments

Thursday morning, ThinkProgress reported that Benjamin Cole, the communications director for Illinois Representative Aaron Schock (R-Downton Abbey), had posted a series of racist Facebook updates in which he compared black people as zoo animals. Said posts were tagged #gentrifytoday, because how dare said black people live in a neighborhood where Benjamin Cole wants to live.

Later, Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski unearthed a few more treasures.

Although neither Cole nor Rep. Schock have issued any statement about the posts, Schock’s office has announced that they have accepted Cole’s resignation as of this afternoon.

Real talk, though.

This dude is/was the communications director. For a United States Representative. Shouldn’t he just know better than to post dumb racist shit on his Facebook page? His public Facebook page? In what way did he think that might turn out well for him? I mean, not only is he a weird racist, he is also, quite clearly, terrible at his job. Quite frankly, I’d say ThinkProgress did Rep. Schock quite a mitzvah by outing this dude. He should send them flowers or something. [ThinkProgress]