Oooh! Lupita Nyong’o Is On The March Cover Of Lucky

The beginning of the year is always a total dud for print magazines, as they’re typically low on advertising and thus really thin, because each page of advertising basically pays for a page of editorial. ANYWAY, enough nerdy mag industry talk, my point is that the January and February issues of most magazines are really lame and not worth their cover price. All the oomph at the beginning of the year, especially in women’s magazines, goes into the March issues, which typically focus on spring fashion, are chock full of advertising and are thus one of the thicker issues of the year. (WHY AM I STILL TALKING ABOUT NERDY MAGAZINE INDUSTRY CRAP? I apologize.) And Lucky has made me especially excited for their March issue because editor-in-chief Eva Chen just tweeted out this photo of the cover, featuring Oscar winner and fashion goddess Lupita Nyong’o. Love her, love it, can’t wait. [Twitter]