Channing Tatum Sympathizes With Women Who Wax

“I waxed last time, and I promised myself I was not gonna do it again. And then Matt Bomer goes, ‘No, no, you just didn’t have the right lady. She just wasn’t doing it right. And then I went again, and it sucked just as bad…After they started, they said, ‘Oh, you’re ginger’ — I have a little red in there — and they were like, ‘It’s always the worst for them,'” he recalled. “And I’m like, ‘Then why did you start? Why didn’t you tell me this beforehand?'”

Channing Tatum told Ellen DeGeneres that when he waxed before shooting “Magic Mike” to flaunt his stripperlicious body, he promised himself he’d never do it again. When it came time to film “Magic Mike XXL,” however, he gave it another shot — and it was still brutal as ever. Somehow, the fact that he’s been through it and feels our pain makes him that much sexier. Can “XXL” just come out already!? [Us Weekly;]