What You Really Look Like When You’re Flirting With Your Workplace Crush

Have you ever been on the receiving end of an awkward office crush? I haven’t, because, as it’s been explained to me repeatedly, I am way too scary to approach even if someone is interested (which is fortunate, because I’m at work to work and wouldn’t receive it kindly, which is what I assume, in turn, makes me scary to approach). However, I definitely have seen it happen to other people, and this video from Fast Company about how workplace flirting comes off is only the tiniest exaggeration.

For example, one guy in a former workplace said to my friend (whose family was Taiwanese), “Are you Asian? Because I’d like to take you out!” He said that in earnest. As if it was a good pickup line and not in any way offensive. She was so taken aback by the mixture of awkward and oblivious that she just stared at him, genuinely not knowing what to say. Another time, a different guy came up to a female coworker who was dipping strawberries, asked if he could have one, and when she said sure, he grabbed her wrist and forced her to feed him the strawberry she was holding in her hand, to the shock and horror of every employee in the vicinity.

The second example was more extreme (and the guy got banned from visiting our department), but both are good examples of ways not to let someone know you’re interested in them. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – people, just be a good and genial coworker during work hours and express your interest, in the least awkward way you can manage, when you punch out. [Fast Company]

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