Study: Dudes Lie About Liking Hot Sauce To Appear Badass and Manly

I am a big fan of hot sauce. To the point where I used to carry it in my purse until a very unfortunate accident occurred. I put it on almost everything, including fruit. “Hot” has been my preferred flavor since I was a kid and my parents were scared that I had that that thing where you don’t feel pain because I was like two years old and gorging on jalepeños and pepperoncini peppers. I put cayenne in my hot chocolate, red pepper flakes on everything I don’t put hot sauce on, and I barely see the point of food that does not clear your sinuses.

Unsurprisingly, I make a killer arrabbiata sauce.

According to a recent study coming out of Penn State, my spice jones is not all that odd — for a lady. However, it seems that many men don’t actually like hot sauce, but pretend to in order to to seem more manly.

Via The Cut:

In the study, the researchers conclude that women are more likely to seek sensation from spicy food, while men are more likely to see other extrinsic rewards like praise and admiration. The authors write, “It is possible that the cultural association of consuming spicy foods with strength and machismo has created a learned social reward for men.”

That is weird, but I also kind of get it. I always buy yogurt thinking “I’m gonna be a yogurt person” and then the yogurt expires and I am left feeling like a failure. Same deal with the quinoa sitting there in my cabinet, just judging me every time I make macaroni instead.

I also get the competitive value of eating hot stuff. Let’s face it–the whole reason to eat a ghost pepper chicken wing is to prove that you can eat a ghost pepper chicken wing. Which, for the record, fellas–I totally can.

But hey! Dudes! It’s OK if you don’t like hot sauce. It won’t make me think you’re less manly, it will just make me think that you hate things that are delicious for some weird reason.

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