RiRi Blesses Your Tuesday With Her Video For “Four Five Seconds”

Rihanna’s songs are almost always the business. “We Found Love” still goes, even though it’s like three years old. “Pour It Up” is the perfect thing to belt at the top of your lungs at the club, clutching the arms of your best friend. But her latest, “Four Five Seconds,” hits all the marks. Sing-a-long chorus? Yep. Jaunty guitar lick and rousing pipe organ bridge? Mm-hmm. Kanye, feeling all of his emotions? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. General feeling of Rih not giving one single fuck?  YES. Here is the video for what I think is the biggest bright spot in this already-dreary 2015. Let this song wash over your mind in its original form, above, before earnest YouTube vloggers ukelele the shit out of it.