Randy Quaid Pretends To Fuck Rupert Murdoch In Bizarre YouTube Rant

Actor Randy Quaid has been going off the deep end for some time now.

I believe the last we heard from him, he and his wife Evi were suing John Kerry to get their passports back and claiming that an evil conspiratorial group they call the “Hollywood Star Whackers” were out to murder them just like they murdered David Carradine and Heath Ledger. Said “Hollywood Star Whackers” are–naturally–in cahoots with the Illuminati. He is very committed to this theory, and has even written a song about it and posted several weird YouTube videos about it, while Evi has produced a movie.

Anyway, Quaid has posted a YouTube video ranting against Rupert Murdoch and NewsCorp for not thanking him or giving him enough money for his performances in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” and “Independence Day.” Oh, and for sending TMZ to arrest him, because TMZ can apparently do that now due to something Quaid calls “Police Media Corruption.” Quaid explains that Murdoch and Newscorp have put he and Evi through a hell “of biblical proportions.”

The video is filmed in the guest house of a property once owned by the Quaids where they are currently squatting. Quaid claims said house was stolen from him by a Warner Brothers executive named Bruce Berman. His wife Evi sits solemnly in the background, wearing a bikini, until it is her time to get up, don a Rupert Murdoch mask and pretend to get fucked by Quaid. The whole thing is completely bonkers and I plan to watch it all day, on a loop.

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