Wanderlust: 8 Types Of Guys To Avoid On An Island Vacation

Solo traveling can be a great opportunity to meet cool adventurers, especially for single ladies looking to spice up their love lives or have a little fun with dudes with foreign accents. Yes, travel dating can certainly have perks! Exotic locations make for perfect date options, the island breeze brings a nice calm and there is no pesky work or school obligations to kill your vibes, but there are certainly many reasons to be cautious. The best way to stay out of harms way? Avoid these dudes who you will likely encounter while traveling alone.

1. Beach Bums: These dudes are male prostitutes. Literally. Many of the world’s greatest island destinations depend on tourism to drive the economy and of course sex tourism makes big bucks. Beach bums scour touristy locals for women to have sex with in exchange for money, gifts or in some super desperate situations, food.

How To Spot A Beach Bum: He chills on or a near a very touristy beach and frequently entertains different women (usually a bit older) with his super outgoing personality or boyish charm.

2. The Perpetual Soul Searcher: Traveling is a great way to get in touch with yourself, but for some, self-exploration becomes self-absorption. The perpetual soul searcher uses travel as a way to never face the realities and difficulties of life. He will probably spend the rest of his life on the road and has no plans to date or really get to know anyone. He always has one eye peeled for his next distraction.

How To Spot A Perpetual Soul Searcher: Man bun? Dreadlocks? Oversized or undersized washed out clothes? Starry-eyed look of delusion while discussing the ways that traveling connects him with the earth and himself? He never talks about friends, work, school, family or a life “back at home”? You may have run into a Perpetual Soul Searcher.

3. The Runaway Felon: What’s the easiest way to get away from legal troubles? Run away to a beautiful island paradise, of course! The Runaway Felon can crop up just about anywhere during your island trek. Run the other way if you encounter him.

How To Spot A Runaway Felon: There really is no good way to spot one of these. You just have to ask, really. I mean, he isn’t going to be wearing shackles or a striped jumpsuit.

4. Mr. Amnesia: These guys have stepped into the travel lifestyle and completely forgotten about their lives — which may include a wife, girlfriend or children — back at home. They are on vacation and looking to have a good time, and what happens in paradise stays in paradise. Except STDs.

How To Spot Mr. Amnesia: First line of action: Check his ring finger for that subtly lighter skin shade where a ring should be.

5. The Creeper: Yes, yes, it’s true, creepers are everywhere. However, travel creepers tend to be especially predatory, because it is easy to prey on vulnerable women who are far from home. The creeper sits at bars or other public spaces where he knows travelers frequent and hits on just about every lady who passes his way.

How To Spot The Creeper: Globally, creepers tend to look and behave very similarly. Watch them closely in their natural environments — at bars, standing alone in corners in the club, chillin’ for hours in hotel lobbies. Notice the way they eye every woman passing by, desperately looking to pounce. The better you familiarize yourself with their behavior, the easier they will be to spot out and avoid.

6. The Island Romancer: This guy may or may not live on the island of your vacation destination. He does all of the right things and sells a grand fantasy about falling in love or being together forever, but he is really out for some momentary company (or to get laid). Once something “better” or more available comes along, he will disappear.

How To Spot An Island Romancer: This dude says and does all of the right things and he loves to make promises about your future together. If he seems to be in a haste or rushing love, be careful not to get caught in his trap.

7. Mr. Workaholic: Though infrequent, it is possible to run into a workaholic while traveling. Some of the hardest, most dedicated workers are rewarded with trips to exotic, island locales in exchange for putting in 80 hours in the office back at home. Then there are also those who just happen to be attending a convention nearby and they are really just here for work. Nevertheless, the workaholic traveler should be avoided at all times because they are just not nearly fun enough.

How To Spot Mr. Workaholic: Even on the bar or at the beach, the workaholic will have some type of electronic device nearby to send or check emails. He also may wear a buttonup shirt on the beach.

8. The Drainbow: Ever heard of “The Rainbow Family” or “Rainbow Gatherings”? Well, Rainbows are temporarily gatherings of people who preach love, peace and drug use with the hopes of existing in a countercultural way. In short, it’s a hippie fest. Things work fine and well at Rainbow Gatherings where everyone contributes, but sometimes they can be overwhelmed by Drainbows — or people who are only out to consume and give nothing back to the community or anyone else, for that matter. Never date or even hang out with a Drainbow dude! You might find yourself strapped for cash and stranded after only a few dates of supporting his broke, needy self.

How To Spot A Drainbow: Ask him if he has a wallet. Nuff said.