New York Pastor: Justin Bieber Is Trans* And Regrets Getting Surgery

New York pastor Rev. James David Manning has some pretty bizarre impressions about how being trans* and/or queer/gay/lesbian/whatever else works, because he’s asserting in a YouTube video that children ages 6-10 are getting gender reassignment surgeries and regretting those surgeries by the time they’re 20 years old. He’s citing Justin Bieber as an example. As in, he believes that Justin Bieber was born with female genitalia and got a sex reassignment surgery when he was somewhere between the ages of 6 and 10. Manning also says that he will “chase every sodomite, chase every lesbo… with the chariots of fire,” yadda yadda yadda. Oh yeah, and apparently Obama’s to blame. THANKS, OBAMA.

Here’s everything that I can think of in response to this:

  • First of all, if Justin Bieber is in fact trans*, he obviously has my/our support.

  • Second, like for real, it does not matter whether or not Justin Bieber is trans* because who would that affect other than Justin Bieber?

  • Third, just speculation, but I’m pretty sure that Justin Bieber is a very pretty cis dude. Like, I know that he’s got a really feminine face, but one of the things that very, very zealous, blindly and hatefully religious people are not capable of wrapping their heads around is the fact that masculinity is a construct, femininity is a construct, those are ideas that we’ve created as a society, but that genetics works independent of those ideas. I.e. some cis men have what we socially consider “feminine” faces and bodies and some cis women have what we socially consider “masculine” faces and bodies (I’m raising my hand as a cis woman with wide shoulders, muscular legs, and a dude-ish looking face). Genetics pays no heed to our social constructs.

  • Let’s really think about this whole trans-children-ages-6-to-10 thing. Where are they getting the money for these surgeries? Where are they getting the insurance coverage? Are trans kids ages 6-10 even aware that surgical reassignment is a possibility? Manning isn’t saying that these kids’ parents are obtaining surgeries for their children, he’s saying that these children are obtaining surgeries for themselves. How?

  • Does he understand the hoops that trans adults have to jump through in order to get gender reassignment surgeries — the counseling for months beforehand, having their social futures in the hands of doctors, hormone treatments? (Obviously the answer to that question is “no.”) I’m pretty sure that in a medical/insurance field in which it’s still kind of taboo to do gender reassignment surgeries for adults, no doctor who wanted to keep his or her license would perform reassignment surgery on a child who hasn’t even developed hormonally and therefore wouldn’t, I imagine, be a good candidate for hormone treatments.

  • Then, of course, there’s the simple fact that Manning is referring to children cutting off their breasts. Have things changed since I was six? Do six-year-olds have breasts now? I mean, I was an early bloomer and I didn’t develop until I was at least 10 years old. I could be behind the times on this one.

  • Finally, I’m pretty sure that most of the people who will be reading this are already aware and so it might be preaching to the choir, but obviously reducing gender reassignment surgery to “I cut off my breasts” or “I cut off my penis” is incorrect. The surgeries are way more complicated than that. Assuming that breasts and penises are all that make a person respectively a man or a woman is also incorrect.

I’m just going to go ahead and take a low blow here: Rev. Manning seems to be worrying inordinately about children’s genitals. I have all sorts of suggestions for better things he could do with his time, but I doubt he would heed them, anyway.



[Screencap via YouTube]

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