Bruce Jenner Will Reportedly Discuss Desire To Live As A Woman In New Reality Series

  • My favorite Kardashian, Bruce Jenner, is apparently going to discuss their  “desire to look like a woman and live as one” in an unscripted E! reality series, according to Us Weekly. The entire family, except Kris, says the mag, has been very supportive of Bruce’s decision. “She treats the whole thing like it will just go away,” a family source told the magazine. “She tells the public it isn’t true rather than try to understand. She has made no attempt to seriously understand him.” Ugh, poor Bruce. I’m holding off on using a female pronoun for Bruce until this story is officially confirmed, but am going to use non-gender specific language as best I can until then, because FUCK YEAH, I SUPPORT YOU BRUCCCCCCEEEE!!!! [Us Weekly]
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[Photo: Splash News]