Nancy Grace Tells Weed Advocate He’s “Obviously Stoned”

In her bizarre ongoing quest to deem recreational pot a Grave Threat To These Great United States, Nancy Grace continues to string together and snowball isolated incidents in which people ingest marijuana and then wreak havoc, regardless of whether the pot is actually the key cause of the behavior in those scenarios. In her latest on-air hysteria last night, NORML’s Norm Kent, a marijuana advocate, told Grace, “Your argument is not real because you take isolated instances of aberrant behavior and try to make them standardized for all marijuana users. And once and for all, Nancy, have you no conscience?” The made her head grow close to exploding, so she handled things the mature way and accused Kent of being high: “I was really just looking for an answer to the question, but obviously you’re stoned.”

She then called in Dr. Drew Pinsky as reinforcement, but when he responded like a rational person and thus failed to give her the answer she wanted, she ominously sneered, “you’re in our house now.” So I guess that means that when you’re on Grace’s show you’re expected to throw all scientific reason out the door and blindly support her arguments…or else? Maybe otherwise she’ll steal your lunch and beat you up after 4th period? Her tirade against Dr. Drew carried on as a 12-minute shit show in which she repeatedly tried to catch him contradicting himself and veered miles away from her original point, which is nothing new in her world. Then, because she is a Level-Headed Adult, she tweeted the biting and oh-so-original phrase “you can put that in your pipe and smoke it” to Dr. Drew. She wanted the last word with that zinger, but not before taking the time to make an intern turn the quote into a pretty Pinterest-y graphic for maximum twee shareability among her fellow warriors against cannabis heathens.