Beauty Test Drive: Merle Norman Pro Glitter Eye Palette

While I used to love eye shadow in, say, the 7th grade, I’m generally pretty stumped on how to wear it in an everyday context. When I set out to test the Merle Norman Pro Glitter Eye Pallette I figured its rich, sparkly shades were a look I could only wear on a night out, but after I little experimentation I realized there’s more 

Application: I’m kind of aimless when it comes to eye shadow. I took a look at Merle Norman’s YouTube tutorial for some tips, but the look in the video wasn’t what I was going for so I opted to just feel things out myself. I wanted something semi-casual to wear to dinner to test out how long the shadow would last. I put Purple Sapphire (the color on the far right) on my lids and Moonstone (the beige-y color) on the crease of my eyes.

Beauty Test Drive

Results: The sparkles lasted most of the night! The finished look was pretty understated and low-key enough to wear to a casual hangout, but piling on more of the shadow for a flashier look would probably do just as well since it stayed on so long. I definitely hope to try some more party-ready looks sometime soon – I’m on the lookout for good tutorials! I’d like the look to stay on just a tad thicker, but I think a bit of eye primer would do the trick with that. I’m excited to finally have an excuse to wear shiny, pretty colors that make my inner 12-year-old happy but still look sort of grown-up. It was kind of fun to find extra glitter bits (but maybe that’s just me). I almost didn’t want to use the shadow because I didn’t want to disrupt how pretty they looked on the palette! If you have any tips for wearing dramatic shadow colors in an everyday setting, I’m all ears! In the meantime, I’ll be scouring Pinterest for ideas.

Rating: 4.5/5