Is Lena Dunham Engaged?

  • At a Sundance event, Lena Dunham referred to Rachel Antonoff, the sister of her boyfriend Jack Antonoff, as her sister-in-law. She “kindly refused” to elaborate on the subject to reporters. She’s also been spotted wearing a suspicious ring. She’s said in the past that she and Jack don’t plan to marry until same-sex marriage is legal across the US. I can totally picture someone referring to an SO’s sibling as an in-law without meaning it in a literal sense, so I’m guessing that’s all this is. [Page Six]
  • A domestic violence PSA will air during the Super Bowl, featuring a woman pretending to order pizza while talking to a 911 operator in hopes that authorities will pick up on the fact that she needs help. The NFL claims it hasn’t lost any sponsors in the aftermath of Ray Rice’s attack on then-fiance Janay, which is a grim reminder of where national priorities lay. [People]

  • Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch basically trolled Super Bowl Media Day by repeating “I’m here so I won’t get fined” as his sole response to every reporter’s question. Meanwhile, Patriots player Rob Gronkowski read aloud part of a Gronk-themed erotia novel. Good to know that everyone at the NFL is a Super Mature Adult. [DeadspinCBS Sports]
  • Coming to a bourgie restaurant near you: squirrel! [YouBeauty]
  • Disney is considering rebooting “Indiana Jones” and has its eye on Chris Pratt for the lead role. []
  • Select Disney Cruise Line ships will are planning to feature a “Frozen” experience onboard. [Time]
  • Clark and Ellen Griswold are reuniting! ABC ordered a comedy pilot starring the pair called “Chev & Bev” – but in the series they’ll play new characters instead of the Griswolds :( [People]
  • Blake Shelton has been cast in the upcoming Adam Sandler movie “Ridiculous 6.” [Rolling Stone]

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