Horrible Person Drowns Puppy In Airport Toilet So She Can Board A Flight

When Cynthia Anderson of Edgewater, Florida tried to board a plane at a Nebraska airport last week with three uncaged puppies and two older dogs, she was denied boarding. Not only were the two-week-old puppies too young to fly (dogs must be eight weeks old), they were not properly kenneled. The following day, the 56-year-old attempted to board again, this time with just the two older dogs and one puppy she’d tried to hide in a carry-on bag. Anderson’s parents were in Nebraska and had taken in the other two puppies — it’s unclear why the parents weren’t given all three, which could have saved the carry-on puppy from his or her awful fate. When Anderson was denied boarding yet again (presumably because the hidden dog was discovered), she was seen entering an airport bathroom where she proceeded to drown the tiny Doberman. Yes, you read that correctly, she DROWNED HER TWO-WEEK-OLD PUPPY!

Utterly despicable. Another airport guest later found the dead puppy in the toilet, after which Anderson was arrested for animal abuse. The Central Nebraska Human Society retrieved the poor pup and conducted an autopsy. Anderson’s been charged with a felony and currently sits in a county jail in Nebraska. The other two dogs are in the care of the Humane society, and the organization is also looking into the well-being of the other two puppies that were picked up by Anderson’s parents. I hope they’ll all be safely placed with people who will love them for the wonderful living beings they are instead of seeing them as an inconvenience to be eliminated. What the actual fuck.

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