12 Non-Lame Favors To Give Guests At Your Awesome Wedding

Most of the suggestions that you’ll find online for favors are totally lame (no offense if you’ve bought some of these): Personalized doo-dads no one will use, as if you need to constantly have your guests reminded of the fact that YOU GOT MARRIED!!!!!!; cruddy, also-personalized chocolate bars that no one really wants to eat; booze when your guests are probably already drunk; bottle openers, as if most adults don’t already have one; shot glasses that they can put next to their other shot glasses from, like, spring break, and do you really want to be remembered that way? The only cool, oft-suggested exceptions, in my incredibly humble opinion, are photo booths (which cost so much) and little samples of a signature cocktail from your wedding (which would also cost so much).

I say, give your guests either something fun to play with or something that’ll make them happy to look at. And personalization — ugh, gross. Aren’t the favors about the guests, not the hosts? And wouldn’t it be more “personalized” to choose a favor that you really, really love rather than just sticking your name on it? Also, keep any knick-knacks inexpensive; that way they won’t feel bad when they inevitably throw them out.

Click through for some less conventional wedding favor ideas. Go wild! It’s your wedding, and it’s a big, big internet full of fun possibilities.

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