This Newly Married Couple Proves Tinder Isn’t Just For The Youths

Ever embracing modernity, the New York Times published one hell of a wedding announcement this weekend, about a New York couple that found love the second time around. But for these 40-year-olds, they found their second marriages in an entirely millennial way: Tinder.

Lori Levine and Jan van Arsdale, both of whom had been married and then divorced before, claim that they were both looking for something “fulfilling” in their relationship search, which is naturally what led two people who have been alive for almost half a century to the ephemeral arbiter of love, Tinder. But undeterred from letting a lack of youth stand in their way, the two quickly swiped their way into each others inboxes, and ultimately, each others hearts.

Fortunately for the rest of us, the best part of their tale isn’t even that they met and got married because of Tinder, nor is it the buried lede (as discovered via the wedding picture slideshow within the article) that Fran Drescher gave the wedding toast. Nay, it’s these gems, instead:

Ms. Levine, 46, is the owner of Flying Television (the name inspired by Keith Haring’s artwork), a New York company that books celebrities for corporate events. Her talent for matching people and products has resulted in what she described as “a ‘Sex and the City’ existence” in Manhattan, complete with a duplex home in a Victorian townhouse and more than 50 pairs of designer shoes.

Always waiting for Mr. Big, you know?

If there was anyone who understood the concept of a modern family, it was Ms. Levine, whose mother and father were married to other people when her mother became pregnant with her.

Her mother considered terminating the pregnancy, but there were medical complications. ‘It was not a secret that she tried to get rid of me,’ Ms. Levine said. ‘She thought it was a story of my defiance and sheer will to live. It showed I was tough, and I could handle anything.'”

Oh. Okay.

“As a sign of their commitment, they both deleted Tinder from their phones.”

Isn’t modern love grand?

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