Science Has Proven That The Buddy System Really Does Work For Fitness

If you’re trying to lose weight, exercise more, or stop smoking, you should try doing it with your bae. (Just don’t do actual couples exercises like these please.) According to a new study in JAMA Internal Medicine, couples who build new good habits as a team are more likely to reach their health goals and more likely to keep their habits over the course of years: 70 percent of the couples in the study who went to the gym together were still doing so at least once a week, compared to about 25 percent of the study participants who went to the gym alone, and smokers who quit together had a 50 percent chance of quitting for good compared to only 8 percent of the single smokers.

Well, gosh dang. Previous studies have been done showing that your partner’s bad habits can rub off on you, but this is the first study that shows that good habits are contagious, too. So the question is, Will you use your love-powers for good or evil?!?!

I’ve known for a while that the buddy system is popular and seems to be effective, but I dunno. I doubt my dude and I could get on the same eating plan anytime soon, and although he did just sign up at my gym, I always feel kind of watched when I go to the gym with him, or anyone, really. That’s because he is watching me, maybe because I am especially hot when I’m contorting my face and emitting high-pitched grunts under the strain of lifting 150 pounds. Who knows?

[The Atlantic]

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