Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Watch “Black Mirror,” Rock Out To Sleater-Kinney & Make Origami

Activities are wonderful, but sometimes, it’s fine to want to shut the world out for a couple of days, and make some serious time for you. Don’t be afraid of FOMO, either. There will always be another party, another pub crawl, another picnic. The time you’ll spend indulging in the things you want to do, alone, are well worth it. Here’s an-extra long, handy list of awesome things to do this weekend!


  • “Oregon Was Founded As A Racist Utopia” (Gizmodo): Do you love Oregon? Do you love “Portlandia”? Do you love birds and craft beer and Subarus? Do you love racism!? I didn’t think so. Read this fascinating and horrifying account of Oregon’s secret history as a very-racist and super-white utopia on Gizmodo and wow your friends with facts like “According to Oregon’s founding constitution, black people were not permitted to live in the state. And that held true until 1926.”  — Megan
  • “The Invisible Woman: A Conversation With Bjork” (Pitchfork): Bjork, the original alien ice princess, dropped her new album out of the blue this week, and it is wonderful. Also wonderful is this long, meandering interview with her in Pitchfork about motherhood, heartbreak, and the invisible work of being a woman. It’s a delight.— Megan
  • Five Days At Memorial by Sheri Fink: In Five Days At Memoriala journalist tries to deconstruct what happened in a New Orleans hospital after Hurricane Katrina descended on the city. As the hospital lost power and was practically abandoned by both the government and its parent company, patients waited for days in 100-degree heat to be evacuated. After the storm, an investigation and legal battle was launched when it was discovered that several patients who seemed unlikely to survive received lethal injections. This book attempts to figure out why the hospital’s staff members did what they did, and brings up unsettling questions about morality in times of crisis. — Claire
  • Ways of Curating by Hans Ulrich Obrist: Obrist is one of the most influential and prolific art curators in recent memory, and this book is wonderful because I am deeply and desperately interested in not just artworks and art theory, but also understanding how curators arrange artworks in exhibitions. — Rebecca


  • “Black Mirror” (Netflix): I held off on watching Black Mirror,, because when American bloggers started breathlessly tweeting about how this British show is amazing and terrifying, I was actually scared. Besides, I’ve already wet my pants in bed (one time) watching “The Walking Dead.” As it turns out, this is not that. “Black Mirror” is amazing, because it’s just a view of what our society is probably going to be like in the future, thanks to technology, and as it turns out, it IS terrifying. — Beejoli
  • “Parenthood” (Netflix/Hulu): Are you interested in what my roommate succinctly called “white people getting slightly mad about white people problems,” all couched in a soothing singer-songwriter soundtrack, featuring Lauren Graham, doing whatever it is that she does, best? Well, then “Parenthood” is for you! You could plow through four seasons, bu I guarantee you’d die before you made it, so listen to Buzzfeed and start at season 5, streaming on Netflix and Hulu. Then, catch up on the short season six, just in time for its treacly end next week.  It’s best enjoyed with a glass of wine and a giant box of tissues. Trust me. You’ll like it . — Megan
  • “Transparent” (Amazon): Dudddddessssss, good news! Golden Globe-winning “Transparent” is streaming for FREEEEEEE on Amazon starting this weekend! It is so amazing, I am going to watch it again. Do it do it do it do it. — Amelia



  • Make Origami: I will be making these geometric origami “gems.” I like origami because it keeps my hands busy, and I love the geometric aesthetic that’s in style right now because it pleases my eyes, so this is a perfect project. — Rebecca
  • Clean Up: I’ve been doing Apartment Therapy’s “January Cure” to spiff up my living space for 2015, and this weekend’s assignment will be all about cleaning the living room — and I’m weirdly motivated! — Claire
  • Cook Salmon: I hate, hate, hate fish, but I recognize that it’s really nutritious, so I’m trying to acclimate myself to the taste. The best way to learn how to cook anything is to follow Alton Brown’s instructions, so I’m starting with this super-simple, super-fast salmon recipe. — Rebecca
  • Peanut Button Pretzel Bites: A friend of mine has a birthday this weekend and I’m thinking of bringing some treats to the party — perhaps these Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites. — Claire