Mississippi Bans Sex-Ed Condom Demos, But This Teacher Found A Clever Way Around That

Mississippi, one of the states that prefers abstinence education to comprehensive sex-ed, still believes that the best way to get teenagers to not get pregnant is to simply tell them to not have sex. They apparently feel that it is especially helpful to not teach students about condoms and birth control, because surely, if they don’t know how to put a condom on correctly, then they’ll just decide not to have sex and will play a nice game of Gin Rummy instead.

Also, Mississippi has the second highest pregnancy rate in the country in 2014 (and number one for most previous years), with 76 of every thousand teenage girls having gotten pregnant last year, and a full third of its pregnancies are teenage pregnancies. Mississippi also ranks within the top 10 with regards to various STD rates such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis and HIV. Could these things possibly be related? No one knows for sure! Although it does seem suspicious that the states with no sex-ed or abstinence only programs really seem to outdo the comprehensive sex-ed states when it comes to teen pregnancies.

However, Sanford Johnson, a teacher in the Mississippi school system, thinks that it might perhaps be helpful to teach kids how to use condoms so that they don’t get pregnant while having all that sex they are being told not to have. Due to Mississippi’s laws, he can’t do that, so he found another creative way around it. Hopefully other teachers will consider using this technique, because man, these kids could use it.