Woman Fakes Her Own Death To Get Out Of A Bad Date

Remember that episode of “Sex and the City” when Miranda’s date dies on her? Apparently, Ann Gray saw that one too, and decided to fabricate something similar to dodge her own date. The British 29-year-old met a man on a dating site, and knew after their third date that he wasn’t the guy for her. She told The Mirror that despite several gentle let-downs, he wouldn’t take the hint and continued to ask her out. He continued to message her, sometimes with an ever-so-slightly creepy tone: “I think we need to have a date tonight! I will be around your house in 30 minutes.” Um, no thanks. Gray knew she had to up her game to get this guy out of her hair, so she killed herself off with a text.

She started with just a fake illness:

As you can see, the dude was undeterred (or maybe he just wanted to call her on her bullshit), so he wouldn’t give it up. To get out of the corner she back herself into, Gray increased the stakes even more:

Oddly enough, the guy never responded after hearing of her untimely “death” (maybe because he knew it was a bold-faced lie?), but he did catch her on the same dating site a few months later. She told The Mirror, “He sent me a horrid message! Can’t say I blame him, really. I am currently engaged to be married and not dead!” Normally I’d say faking one’s own death is kind of a scary way to tempt the universe, but I’ll give her a pass this time, because either this whole exchange was staged on Gray’s part (very possible) or, if this guy really did exist, he was being pretty creepy. If I were her and some dude who knew where I lived sent me semi-threatening messages disguised as “politeness,” I’d want to get rid of him too! Something tells me this isn’t the first time someone’s killed themselves off like this — it may have mildly sociopathic undertones, but people will do anything to get out of a cringy date!


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