This Woman Lifts An Awful Lot Of Heavy Things With Her Vagina

Have you checked in with your vagina recently? Like, I mean, really checked in? Have you asked how its day was, or what it thinks of the latest season of “MasterChef Junior” or if it’s watching “Jane The Virgin” ? Have you asked if it can open a beer bottle or shoot a ping pong ball accurately enough to hit a target? If you feel like you’re a little detached from your downstairs, get ready, because Kim Amami, sexual savant and expert in vaginal kung-fu, is here to help. She has reached vagina enlightenment, and demonstrates her yoni’s lush strength and powerful vision by tying a string around a jade egg and lifting surfboards, gluten-free coconut donuts and rambutans. It takes all kinds, guys. All kinds. [h/t Buzzfeed]