Kim Kardashian Covered Her Vagina in Fur, Because Her Real Vagina Is Bare

SPEAKING OF VAGINAS. Despite being raised in the sunny climes of Southern California, Kim Kardashian knows the importance of keeping warm in the winter, which is precisely why despite wearing basically nothing, she did cover up her most important bits with a most important bit: a fur merkin, designed by husband Kanye West.

Taking a page from the T-Pain playbook, the selfie-loving Kardashian posed in the snow wearing fur trimmed boots and a tiny string bikini made of fur (but come on, it’s a merkin), which is ironic, because it seems like this fake fur vagina shield was probably very expensive to make (remember when Yeezy tried to sell us a Hanes cotton T-shirt for over $100?), when in reality it actually costs you absolutely nothing to cover your vagina in natural fur.

Maybe Kim is cold? Maybe her vagina cannot grow its own covering? Maybe it’s a post-modern statement on how everything in life is fleeting, even our own transitory body hair? Whatever it is, as long as this is the first step towards embracing full bush, I am all for it. [Instagram]