White Dude In Cowboy Hat To Reclaim MLK For The Tea Party

Meet “Wild Bill” Finley. He gave a speech at this weekend’s South Carolina Tea Party Coalition convention, in which he explained that if Martin Luther King, Jr. were alive today, he would definitely prefer the company of a bunch of white people in tricornered hats who cry a lot about how the first black president is not a real American citizen and how it’s not fair that they are being taxed in order to provide social programs to the poor, to that of the “race baiting” liberals he hung out with in his lifetime.

It is quite a site to behold.

“How appropriate that we are here right after the Martin Luther King Holiday. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, and it was a good one. He dreamed of a day when skin color would not matter anymore. A time, a day, when character would be more important than skin color. But when we look at what’s happening in the USA today, it’s quite easy to see that Dr. King’s dream got hijacked along the way.

I believe that racism would have died out in this country a long time ago except that some people figured out that racism can be very profitable (Racism is the fault of people who bring up racism?–Robyn) Both financially and politically. And now, those who are most vocal about Martin Luther King being their hero seem to be the most race-driven people in America. The Left have mastered the art of turning every issue into a skin color issue. Character be damned.

Manufacturing racism for political purposes is a big business in the US of A, and manufactured racism has been used to hurt the Tea Party from day one, and I think it’s time we did something about it.

“Manufactured” racism in action?”

There’s no doubt in my mind that if Martin Luther King, Jr. were alive today, the liberal left would spit in his face because he would be such a threat to their political agendas. We are the people who practice Dr. King’s dream. It is the Tea Party where people are not judged by the color of their skin. It is Tea Party Americans who believe that character still counts.

So today, I am officially announcing that the Tea Party is taking Dr. Martin Luther King away from the liberal left. They have disgraced the name of that man for far too long and it’s time to call them out on it. From this day forward, Dr. Martin Luther King is officially a Tea Party Hero. And to you race-baiting promoters of division and hatred, you’re not getting him back until you renounce your shameful skin color politics and start practicing the politics of character.

Oh! The Liberal Left will go nuts. Because it means America’s gonna start asking good questions. Like “Why is the Tea Party putting Martin Luther King on their signs? I thought they were a bunch of racists!” And finally, we might start getting some honest dialogue about race issues in America. Don’t you think it’s about time? Now this speech is being broadcast all over the USA. If you step outside and listen carefully, you might hear a strange sound. Kinda like…chimpanzees.”

Chimpanzees? Really?

I find it somewhat telling that there is only one veteran of the Civil Rights movement that the Right cares for is also one who happens to be dead, and thus fairly unable to refute anything they say about him.

Never mind the fact that he hung around with people they hate, like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and John Lewis! Never mind that he was married to Coretta Scott King! Never mind that he had anti-capitalist leanings, or that he essentially invented the Affirmative Action they loathe so much. Or that he suggested that black people be compensated for their enslavement and mistreatment by the US Government, with a program not unlike the GI Bill — “a massive program by the government of special, compensatory measures which could be regarded as a settlement in accordance with the accepted practice of common law.” [Why We Can’t Wait, Dr. Martin Luther King, 1963]

If he were around today, obviously he would have become a conservative who hated it when people brought up racism while all the nice white people were trying to have brunch! Just like how if Coco Chanel were alive today, she would definitely be complementing me on my outfit.

I would like to note, at this point, that the only civil rights leader to have become a Conservative Republican was Eldridge Cleaver of the Black Panther Party. Shortly after this conversion, he went to jail for crack. Just saying. Just putting that out there. So you guys can have him. And we’ll even throw Jerry Rubin in for free. How’s that?

Somehow, people like Wild Bill have only managed to learn one damned thing about Martin Luther King Jr., and it’s that one quote from the “I Have A Dream” speech, which they have willfully misinterpreted as meaning that the way to end racism is by ignoring it.

Or not. I’m sorry, but Wild Bill is definitely old enough to remember what people were saying about MLK during his lifetime, and it was exactly what he is saying about the evil “liberal left” now. They were quite sure that if it were not for instigators like Dr. King, that black people would be totally fine with the way things were.

I would like to know, however, what Wild Bill thinks this “honest dialogue” about race would consist of. I am, in fact, desperately curious about this. Would it involve actual people of other races? Or would it just be Wild Bill and friends listing off the ways people of color could annoy them less. Because from what I can tell, there’s a lot of honest dialogue already happening, it just does not include people who are unwilling to listen, and who think that this “Arsenic and Old Lace” approach of pretending racism doesn’t exist and never calling it out is the way to go. [Talking Points Memo]