#IStandWithHolly – And Anyone Chuck Johnson Has Doxxed And Harassed

Oh hey, Sentient Turd Chuck C. Johnson is at it again! “It” being, of course, harassing women and airing their personal business online. You may remember him from that time that he doxxed alleged UVA rape victim and Rolling Stone subject “Jackie” after threatening her for hours. It’s kind of worth noting that UVA’s investigation of the rape — which pushed forward even after Rolling Stone retracted their story — could not substantiate Jackie’s claims. The university recently reinstated the fraternity in question, and all UVA fraternities have embraced new rules about parties meant to encourage bystander intervention in the event of sexual assault. In other words, a magazine did a bad job of fact-checking an allegation of campus rape; the campus in question launched a thorough investigation of the claim with help from their local police; the investigation found the fraternity members in question innocent; the fraternity was reinstated; the university has, despite finding no wrongdoing, been open-minded about the larger issue of campus rape, which exists even if it didn’t happen in this specific situation, and has instituted measures to make the campus safer for women. Justice has been served both for the fraternity members and, in some measure, for women on campus.

Meanwhile, Steaming Pile Of Crap Chuck C. Johnson has done nothing but invade a woman’s privacy and invite strangers who are unconnected to the situation to harass her en masse.

Likewise, he’s now campaigning against the conservative social media presence known as Holly Hobby Lobby, otherwise known as Holly Fisher. Fisher apparently had a one-night stand with a video editor for the Tea Party News Network, Joel Frewa, in the midst of anxiety and depression, marital struggles, and a loss of faith following her mainstream exposure last year. She told her husband and her family about the very brief affair, they’ve been working through it together, and everything seems to be looking up for her in her personal life.

But HOLD THE PHONE — you can’t let a woman be a human being who makes mistakes in her private life if she’s well-known on social media and those mistakes involve sex, according to Fecal Payload Chuck C. Johnson! He somehow found out about the affair and proceeded to harass her through Twitter direct messages — unapproved and unsolicited conversations that he had the balls to call “interviews” — and, as I think most people would do if a stranger started harassing them on Twitter about the salient details of their personal lives, she lied. This, to Shit Stain But Definitely Not Journalist Chuck C. Johnson, constitutes an “exposé” or “news.”

I get that Fisher is not a paragon of female liberation and has had a lot of shitty things to say about other women’s sex lives, but my political disagreement with her does not, to me, constitute a reason for me to know about the goings-on of her vagina. My insistence that people’s sex lives, so long as they’re consensual, are their own business does not extend only to friends and like-minded people. And while, yes, she’s built her reputation on a standard of morality that she obviously was not able to live up to herself, um, so what? She shouldn’t have been harassed into talking about it by a professional troll; she’s still in the midst of dealing with it with her family, and she should’ve been able to talk about it publicly when it was her choice to do so. Her moral standards are, by my standards, regressive — but nonetheless, in the wake of making a mistake that a lot of people make, she seems to be doing her best to make up for it to the people most affected by it, her family. She seems to be trying to pick herself back up and learn how to live by her principles better. Her husband is absolutely standing by her side, and Conservative Twitter is trending #IStandWithHolly. In other words, it’s just no one’s business but the Fishers’, and everyone other than Johnson seems to know that.

Of course, would be nice to see conservatives extend this same sympathy and solidarity to women who aren’t their political allies who get doxxed and harassed by the likes of Flaming Bag of Crap Chuck C. Johnson, but regardless, she has mine, too.

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