Five-Year-Old Shoots Infant Brother Dead With Gun Left Out By Grandfather

This Monday, 24-year-old mother of four Alexis Wiederholdt called 911 to report that her five-year-old child had shot her nine-month-old son with a paintball gun. Tragically, it turned out to not be a paintball gun, but a real gun that her father, surely a Responsible Gun Owner™, left lying out somewhere. 

The five-year old child, mistaking the gun for a toy, accidentally shot his brother in the head during a visit to Weiderholdt’s father’s house in the small rural town of Elmo, Missouri. It is likely that it was his gun that was left out in the first place.

The infant was airlifted to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City for care, but died a few hours afterwards.

Though the shooting is being classified as an accident, charges may still be filed. And for the love of god, I hope they are. Not only is one child dead, but the other kid is going to be in therapy for the rest of his life knowing that he killed his brother. Is that a thing a kid can get over? I’m honestly not sure. But someone needs to be held responsible.

Now. You know it’s going to be a cheery day when you’re actually thinking to yourself, Which accidental gun death do I write about today? The one where the kid murders their sibling by accident, or the one where a grown man accidentally shoots his 10-year-old daughter while showing off his gun to visitors at his house. That is a decision I made today. Fuck the world.

Sometimes I don’t make that decision at all. Because if you want the truth, these stories come out several times a week and there are only so many times that one can write the same story over and over again.

There are very few situations in which a child dies and you feel no empathy for the parents or relatives. I have zero empathy for Alexis Weiderholdt’s father. Quite frankly, I don’t have a ton of it for her, either, if she knew her dad liked to keep loaded guns lying around.) I also have zero empathy for the father who accidentally shot his 10-year-old daughter and I sure as hell hope they take her away from him.

I wouldn’t give two shits if it were always one adult Responsible Gun Owner™ accidentally shooting another adult Responsible Gun Owner™. I honestly wouldn’t. That’s their business. I realize this sounds cold, but if they are going to put their precious Second Amendment before my safety, then I don’t care if they shoot each other. I mean, I wouldn’t say it’s ideal, but better them than a child or someone who believes in gun control. But it’s almost always a child. [Alternet]