Emma Sulkowicz Will Attend The State Of The Union Address

  • Columbia University artist Emma Sulkowicz, who has been carrying her dorm mattress in protest of campus rape, will be attending the State of the Union Address. [ArtNet]
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  • Here’s a roundup of all the ridiculous abortion bills on the docket in America. [The Daily Beast]
  • The new stereotype about trans* individuals is that they “rape women every nine minutes,” according to a completely not-factual poster hung in women’s bathrooms at the University of Bristol. Is Janice Raymond back on the circuit or something? [RawStory]
  • Masculine-of-center fashion labels for butch and trans women are popping up all over the place. [VICE]
  • Read a review of comedian Kristin Newman’s memoir What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding. [The Rumpus]