Watch A Gangly Yet Endearing Emma Stone Sing Meredith Brooks

Emma Stone seems like she’s kinda cool, right? Like, you could get a beer or three with her, and then she’d ask to bum a cigarette from you and you wouldn’t even mind. She’s bubbly without being annoying, generally has really good hair, usually slays on the red carpet and is a solid comedic actress. This video of her singing Meredith Brooks’ “Bitch” while auditioning for the ill-fated, never-aired “Partridge Family” reboot in 2004 is strangely endearing. That gangly stance! The air humping! The unfortunate mid-2000s distressed-flares-and-pointy-toe-boots combo! This is the video equivalent of flipping through your old yearbooks — charming at first, then deeply, painfully embarrassing. [People]